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Bronx Eye Doctor
Bronx Eye Doctor

If you are looking for a great eye doctor, you will want to visit us at Park Professional Eyecare. At our practice. Dr. Ralph Paternoster provides expert eye care to all patients in his practice. With Dr. Paternoster as your Bronx eye doctor, you can be assured that you are receiving the very finest eye care possible.

Many patients come to Park Professional Eyecare when they are in need of comprehensive eye exams and vision testing for new prescriptions. Dr. Paternoster also provides comprehensive contact lens exams. Everyone in the family should have eye exams with our Bronx eye doctor. Adults need to have their eyes tested to keep prescriptions up–to-date and to check for early signs of any eye disease. Children need to have eye exams to ensure that they are having normal vision development, and to check for eye disease and any vision problems. Eye exams are quite comprehensive and can last for well up to an hour.

During a comprehensive eye exam our Bronx eye doctor, Dr. Paternoster, will check for: refractive problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism; amblyopia, where one eye is dominant over the other causing the brain to ignore the image from the blurry eye; crossed eyes, and to make sure that the eyes are working together; focusing problems; eye diseases, including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, etc. Your eyes will also be dilated with certain drops so that Dr. Paternoster, your Bronx eye doctor, will be able to see through to the back of your eye where the retina is. He will evaluate the retina for any signs of disease. He will also check your eye pressure which could be an early symptom of glaucoma. During a contact lens exam, our doctor will also take certain measurements to make sure that the new contacts will fit your eyes exactly, and will not cause any harm to your eyes. Your eyes may also be tested for tear production, to make sure that you can comfortably and safely wear contacts. So if you are in need of a comprehensive eye exam, make an appointment today to visit us at Park Professional Eyecare.

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