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Your yearly comprehensive eye exam is a recommended way of maintaining your best possible eye health in addition to determining if you need corrective lenses to see optimally or to get an updated prescription if you already have eyeglasses or contact lenses. As part of our commitment to you, Park Professional Eyecare is pleased to offer OPTOS optomap retinal exams. Representing the most advanced technology available today, an OPTOS retinal exam is the best way to permit our Bronx eye doctor, Ralph Paternoster, O.D. to detect the possibility of possibly debilitating eye diseases before they affect your sight.

Eye Care 10461
Eye Care 10461

Many common eye diseases and concerns can develop and progress without any obvious symptoms to alert you to their presence. With an OPTOS retinal exam by our Bronx eye doctor, diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retinal detachments can be found more easily than ever before. In fact, you can even reap benefits for the rest of your body through an OPTOS retinal exam. Clues to health concerns like diabetes and high blood pressure can be found as part of your exam.

The best part is that an OPTOS retinal exam is pain free, non-invasive, simple, and quick. You just look into the device, first with one eye and then with the other. There will be a flash of light to indicate that your retinal image has been captured, but it won’t be at all uncomfortable. It’s every much like having a photograph taken from your standpoint. Our Bronx eye doctor will then be able to view and evaluate the image on a full size computer screen. He will then go over the results with you.

The benefits of using the OPTOS retinal exam is that it provides a definitive view of your eyes that helps our Bronx eye doctor in figuring if your eyes are healthy or if there is a disease to be addressed. Also, the image offers much greater detail than could be obtained by other methods. You will be able to find out your results immediately and discuss the implications with Dr. Paternoster on the spot. And finally, your results will be maintained as part of your file, which gives us the advantage of comparing each year’s image to the ones that came before. This means that any changes in your eye will be easier to notice.

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