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Ortho k treatments in Country Club

Country Club optometrist
Country Club optometrist

Now there’s something that sits between having to rely on wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses every day, and undergoing laser eye surgery when it comes to addressing nearsightedness. Ortho K is ideal if you either do not want to or are not a good candidate for LASIK. Here at Park Professional Eyecare, we’re pleased to provide you the benefits of this advanced treatment.

Ortho K is a shortened version of the phrase orthokeratology, and it is also a method of treatment that is referred to as corneal refractive therapy. Boiling it down to basics, it gives you all the advantages of laser eye surgery, on a temporary basis, simply by wearing special contact lenses. Our Country Club optometrist prescribes them for you, and you put them in each night before you go to sleep. During the night, they serve to reshape your corneas so that when you get up in the morning, you have considerably sharper and clearer distance vision all day long, without having to resort to wearing corrective eyewear. The reason that this technology made available by our Country Club optometrist works is that the reason behind your nearsightedness is that your corneal shape is directing light toward the front of your retinas, instead of at or near the center, which would give you normal vision at a distance. Ortho K look just like any other set of contact lenses, except that you do not have to wear them as you go about your daily business. Just put them back in when you go to bed, and in the morning, it will be as if you had laser eye surgery, but without having it done.

Please reach out to our office and let us set up an appointment for you to come in and be examined by our Country Club optometrist to determine if Ortho K is right for you.

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