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Evaluation and Treatment for Lazy Eye

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Eye health is incredibly important but unfortunately often overlooked. Many people schedule their annual physical exams with their general practitioner but do not recall setting the same yearly appointment with their eye doctor. Our eyes always have the potential to change or become susceptible to diseases or conditions, especially when we are growing up. Here at Park Professional Eyecare, our Bronx pediatric eye doctor, Dr. Ralph Paternoster, can provide the comprehensive eye care and treatment that all children need.

Monitoring a child’s eye health means more than testing their visual acuity and screening for signs of eye conditions. While these practices are integral to a proper pediatric eye exam, our Bronx pediatric eye doctor also checks to see that every child’s eyes are developing properly. While kids’ eyes are checked upon exiting the womb, some motor and focus deficiencies may not develop until later. One such condition is a lazy eye. This occurs when one of the eyes, or sometimes even both of the eyes, begins to register blurrily and relays this blurry image to the brain. The brain soon becomes accustomed to this blurriness, accepting it as the correct image that the eye is seeing. Sometimes this altered vision can remain unchanged by glasses or other corrective lenses. But here at Park Professional Eyecare, Dr. Paternoster can provide children with lazy eyes with the treatment they need. First, Dr. Paternoster will conduct a comprehensive eye examination. If a lazy eye is detected, then Dr. Paternoster will begin to plan treatment. Initially, glasses or contact lenses can be prescribed. If these methods do not work, there are others. Patches, eye drops or cataract removal are all other possible treatment options. If none of these preliminary treatment options are successful, there are surgical procedures as well.

Our eye doctor in Bronx will discuss all treatment options with parents and guardians before any work begins. Dr. Paternoster is here to provide the most comprehensive eye care for all kids with all eye conditions and is here to work with families in order to determine which treatment methods will be best in order to provide healthy vision.

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