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Evaluation and Treatment of Keratoconus in Bronx NY

Eye doctor in Bronx NY
Eye doctor in Bronx NY

We take the well-being of your eyes with the utmost of seriousness here at Park Professional Eyecare. This includes the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of the corneal disease called keratoconus. It most typically affects those in their teens and up to about the age of 30, though it can occur later in life, too. With early detection and timely care from from our eye doctor in Bronx NY, it can be managed to prevent any undue complications and vision loss.

When the cornea bulges outward, taking on a shape that is more cone-like than round, this is what keratoconus is. It’s often traced back to genetics. If your parents had the disease, you are much more likely to get it, too. Children should be screened for it by the age of 10. Some allergies are also linked to increased risk. But the bottom line is that the precise origins of keratoconus is not known. What happens is that as the disease develops, the protein fibers in your eyes degenerate, and your cornea loses its shape as a consequence. Sometimes it happens over a long time, and others can occur more quickly. Among the typical symptoms are blurry vision, eye strain, problems with night driving, unusual sensitivity to light, halos that appear around light within your field of vision, excessive eye rubbing, eye pain, and headaches. Our eye doctor in Bronx NY will do a thorough examination and take the appropriate tests. Eyeglasses or contact lenses can be prescribed as treatment, but both should be considered as temporary solutions. If degeneration continues, you may need a cornea transplant.

Our eye doctor in Bronx NY is committed to managing your keratoconus in the least invasive and most simple way possible in order to achieve the desired outcome. If you are suffering with any of the listed symptoms, or if it has been close to a year since your last eye exam, call us to schedule an appointment.

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