Eye exam in Bronx NY

Eye Test in Bronx NY

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Importance of well-fitted glasses and up to date optical prescriptions in Bronx NY

Eye test in Bronx NY
Eye test in Bronx NY

If you want to make sure that your eyeglasses provide you with the very best vision possible, visit our vision practice, Park Professional Eyecare. Our expert optometrist, Dr. Ralph Paternoster, will provide you with up-to-date eyeglass prescriptions and an eye test in Bronx NY to make sure that your eyes are healthy.

Once you have a comprehensive eye exam at our vision practice, including an eye test in Bronx NY, you can benefit from our one-stop shopping by purchasing a new pair of designer eyeglasses at our Vision Practice. Our frame experts will work with you to make sure that your new eyeglasses fit your prescription needs, face shape, fashion sense, and budget. It is very important that your new eyeglasses fit your face perfectly in order for them to be comfortable for you to wear, and also to make sure that you best benefit from the lens prescription. Our optician will make sure that the temples of the new eyeglasses do not dig into the side of your head and that the frames are wide enough for your face so that the lenses will be the right size for you. The curve at the end of the temples should extend over the ear, but it should not cause any pressure on the ear. Our optician can adjust the curve at the end of the temple, but the temples cannot be made shorter or longer. Our optician will also make sure that the nose piece of the glasses fits your face comfortably. Some glasses have adjustable nose pads which allows our optician to adjust the fit. But if this is not the case, our optician will not be able to adjust the nose piece. With properly fitting glasses and an up-to-date optical prescription, you will be able to enjoy optimal vision correction with your new eyeglasses.

For an appointment to see our optometrist for an eye test in Bronx NY as part of a comprehensive eye exam, contact us today.

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