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Morris Park Dry Eyes

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Dry Eye Syndrome in Morris Park

Morris Park dry eyes
Morris Park dry eyes

Are you suffering from Morris Park dry eyes? At Park Professional Eyecare, you can receive the vision care you need in a state-of-the-art facility where patients of all ages are welcome.

At Park Professional Eyecare, our team of experts takes pride in offering the best possible eye care to our fellow members of the Bronx community as well as other communities located throughout the five burroughs. If you’re interested in receiving top tier care from a staff who shares a genuine concern for your wellbeing, you’ll find what you’re looking for at our practice. We use state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques to ensure that our patients can benefit from a personalized treatment plan that will help them embark on their vision goals. We offer a wide variety of services fit to treat family members of all ages including complete eye examinations, OPTOS retinal exams, low vision evaluation and treatment, orthokeratology, evaluation and treatment of keratoconus, evaluation and treatment of glaucoma, computerized visual field testing, lasik and cataract co-management, vision shaping, eyeglasses, contact lens fittings and prescriptions, online contact lens ordering, evaluation and treatment for lazy eye, care for common problems such as dry eyes, emergency eyecare services, evening and Saturday appointments available, and acceptance of most insurance plans Need a trusted vision doctor to help you recover from Morris Park dry eyes? Book an appointment today to receive the information, diagnosis, and treatment you need. Dry eyes syndrome occurs when patients’ tear ducts don’t generate enough tears to properly lubricate and clean the eye. As a result, eyes can become itchy, irritated, enflamed, or red in appearance, particularly during dry, frigid winter weather. Patients can also suffer from blurred vision.

To learn what personalized treatment path can offer you relief from Morris Park dry eyes, call our office at Park Professional Eyecare to discuss the matter with an eye doctor who truly cares!

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