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Low Vision Services in Morris Park

Morris Park Eye Doctor
Morris Park Eye Doctor

There are many reasons why a patient suffers with low vision. However, at our vision practice, Park Professional Eyecare, we are able to help patients with restricted vision by providing them with low vision services. If you or a family member is having trouble completing everyday tasks because you are suffering from low vision, we hope you will make an appointment to come and see our Morris Park eye doctor who can help you with by finding different vision enhancement options that will be helpful in your case.

At our vision practice our expert optometrist is Dr. Ralph Paternoster. He has helped many patients who suffer with low vision. Patients with low vision can have very different types of vision problems. However, it is important to recognize that patients with low vision are not blind; they do have some partial sight and it is the job of our Morris Park eye doctor to discover ways that this sight can be enhanced so that our patient will be able to live a more rewarding life.

When a patient has low vision, their vision cannot be corrected by prescription lenses, medical treatment or surgery; however, there is some usable vision available. Patients with low vision need to utilize their vision which they still have; it can be improved through the use of visual devices which are useful in their particular situations. These visual devices are generally helpful after your eye doctor has let you know that there are not any more treatments available which will improve your vision. Patients with low vision can have overall blurred vision caused by cataracts or diabetic retinopathy. Patients can also have a loss of central vision caused by macular degeneration. There can also be a loss of peripheral vision caused by glaucoma or even by stroke. Whatever the cause of your low vision, our optometrist will work with you to find devices which will help you to perform your everyday tasks with clear vision. Low vision aids can include: telescopic glasses; magnifying glasses; lenses that filter light; handheld or freestanding magnifiers; or reading prisms. Some non-optical aids which are also helpful for people with low vision are high contrast clocks and watches, talking watches and clocks, large print publications, and books on DVD. For an appointment to meet with our Morris Park eye doctor to help you find solutions for your low vision needs, contact us today.

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