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Sunglasses in 10461

Optician in 10461
Optician in 10461

Eye and vision health often go overlooked, which is so unfortunate. Once a year, people of all ages, regardless of eye health or vision impairments, should have a complete eye exam and vision screening. Doing so can be tremendously helpful when it comes to catching diseases early, spotting vision changes and developments, and providing good eye care tips. The next time you have your eyes examined and your vision checked, though, make sure to ask about sunglasses. Sunglasses may sound like a fashion accessory but they can actually protect your vision, improve your eyesight, and prevent damage. Here at Park Professional Eyecare, our optician in 10461 can provide you with the checkups you need as well as with any prescription or non prescription sunglasses as well.

Sunglasses can be extremely helpful when it comes to preserving your vision, the only caveat being that the lenses need to be 100% UV protected. With UV protection, your eyes are not only protected from glare, but they are also protected from the damage that the sun’s UV rays can do over time. Like skin, eyes can suffer from a great deal with overexposed to sunlight. This can happen anywhere, at any time of year, though as is usually the case with skin protection, you need to be extra vigilant during the summer months and closer to the equator. Sun damage can lead to sunburn, discoloration, temporary blindness, and increased risk for diseases like glaucoma or cataracts. Here at Park Professional Eyecare our optician in 10461 can offer you the most comprehensive eye and vision exams as well as with any prescription or nonprescription UV protected lenses you may need as well.

When it comes to sunglasses, we here at Park Professional Eyecare have a wide range of designer frames as well as more affordable brands for you to choose from. If you need sunglasses or simply need to update your prescription, call our optician in 10461 today.

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