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Optometrist in the Bronx
Optometrist in the Bronx

Park Professional Eyecare will give you the best possible care to keep your eyes healthy and strong. Our eye doctors and eye surgeons believe that clear, comfortable vision is your right and your priority. You may be considering eye surgery to correct your vision problems, such as near- or far-sightedness, but are apprehensive about the use of lasers to reshape your cornea in order to achieve clearer, sharper vision. That’s why our optometrist in the Bronx offers orthokeratology, which is an alternative to eye surgery to correct and enhance your vision by use of specialty lenses.

Orthokeratology is frequently a good option for nearsighted individuals who are too young for LASIK surgery or for some other reason are not good candidates for vision correction surgery. Our optometrist in the Bronx at Park Professional Eyecare will best be able to determine if you are good candidate. Ortho-k is particularly appealing for people who participate in sports, or who work in dusty, dirty environments that can make contact lens wear difficult. Because it can be discontinued at any time without permanent change to the eye, people of any age can try the procedure, as long as their eyes are healthy. The lenses for ortho-k are applied at bedtime and worn overnight. Some people have comfort issues when attempting to wear gas permeable contact lenses during the day. But since ortho-k lenses are worn during sleep, comfort and lens awareness are generally not a problem. While you sleep, the lenses gently reshape the front surface of your eye (the cornea) to correct your vision, so you can see clearly without glasses or contact lenses when you’re awake. The effect is temporary, generally enough to get you through a day or two, so you must wear the reshaping lenses each night to maintain good vision during the day. The goal for ortho-k is to correct your vision to 20/20 without eyeglasses or contact lenses during the day. In FDA trials of ortho-k lenses, more than 65% of patients were able to achieve 20/20 visual acuity after wearing the reshaping lenses overnight. More than 90% were able to see 20/40 or better (the legal vision requirement for driving without glasses in most states). Though you may see some improvement in your vision after a day or two of overnight ortho-k, it can take several weeks for the full effect to be apparent. During this time, your vision will not be as clear as it was with glasses or contacts, and you are likely to notice some glare and halos around lights. It’s possible you may need a temporary pair of eyeglasses for certain tasks, like driving at night, until your vision is fully corrected by the lenses.

At Park Professional Eyecare, our mission is to preserve, restore, and enhance the vision of every member of your family. Our optometrist in the Bronx is committed to providing expert medical care using the latest technology and advanced training in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Success rates for ortho-k tend to be higher for mild prescriptions. Call our office to find out if your prescription is within the range that can be successfully treated with ortho-k. If you desire clear, comfortable vision and/or want to decrease your dependence on your prescription frames or contact lenses, then ortho-k may be the solution you’ve been looking for. If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions, please call our office or consult our website.

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